April Updates & Site News

Greetings from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic! I’m here for a couple days before heading back to my (temporary) home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

As you may have noticed, I discontinued the weekly roundups. I enjoyed putting them together and sharing them with everyone, but I decided to scale things back while I was traveling. Instead, I’ll be sending out posts like these once a month.

Upcoming Posts

April is Better Writing Month here at Happenchance. While I’m a decidedly mediocre writer (bordering on a hack), I’ve picked up a couple things along the way. And because you learn when you teach, I’d like to share of some the things I’ve learned.

I believe that writing is a kind of external thinking. Improve your writing, improve your thinking. Even if you have no desire to blog or write stories, you’ll find great benefits from improving your writing. But like anything else, improvement comes through practice and application. You can read blog posts on writing all day, but unless you actually take some action, you’re just…reading blog posts.

So far, planned posts include:

  • How I blog (the 1-2-3 punch)
  • Improve Your Writing Instantly
  • How NOT to Start a Writers’ Groups
  • Painless revisions
  • and much, much more!

Photo Credit: yeowatzup