Week 46 Link Love Round-up


This is the first installment in what I hope to make into a weekly link love round-up. These are articles I’ve happened upon during the past week and thought I would share with the discerning readers of this fine blog.

  • Make Everything Your Own from (ahem) 50 Cent and Robert Greene.  The crack dealer-turned rap entrepreneur makes a great point: you can either create value for someone else, or you can create it for yourself.
  • The Surprising Wisdom of Will Smith via Brave New Traveler. What’s the secret of Will Smith’s success? There isn’t a secret, he just out-works and and out-hustles everyone else, saying he’s willing to “die on the treadmill.”
  • Increase Creativity with Horizontal Eye Movement Exercises via Boing Boing. Apparently these exercises  increase the level of cross-talk between your two brain hemispheres.
  • How to Be Indispensable from Jonathon Fields. In this post, Fields talks about the difference between creators and operators and how to combine the best qualities of both. Not sure how much this contradicts 50 Cent’s message about owning all the work you do.

Let me know what you think about this new feature of Happenchance. Do you have any links to share?

Photo Credit: Valeriana Solaris

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  • JA Lineberry November 19, 2009, 2:44 pm

    Interesting read.