Week 47 Round-up

Thanksgiving weekend kept me busy, even here in Sunny South Korea. Went to my first meetup.org event, a thanksgiving dinner with 50 foreigners eating turkey and drinking beer in the Korean countryside. Our cabin had a piano, and our group just happened to have a guy who could crank out the Chopin and Mozart.
On to the round-up:

-Hey traveling musicians, are you looking for a lightweight instrument to take with you on your next round-the-world trip? Check out this post on 12 Small Musical Instruments for Travel. If you look closely, you’ll notice the author’s name looks familiar. Hmm…who could it be? (For those who don’t care to check it out, I wrote the article).

-Here’s a short post from Tim Ferriss called The Benefits of Pissing People Off. Years ago, when I first started writing, I tried to be non-offensive and appealing to all, but I realized that was a recipe for boring, lame, vacuous, and impotent writing. Raising ire is much more fun.

“Doing anything remotely interesting will bring criticism. Attempting to do anything large-scale and interesting will bring armies of detractors and saboteurs. This is fine – if you are willing to take the heat.

There are good reasons to be willing, even eager.”

Read more here.

-For you Nanowrimo writers out there, James over at Men With Pens wrote a post just for us. He asks everyone who reached their Nanowrimo goal to ask themselves these questions:

Was there something about my story or my execution that was otherworldly brilliant? Off-the-charts original and compelling? Something, anything, that made it better than just good? That made the whole exceed the sum of its parts?

Read the full article here.

-Finally, I just finished reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. This is a very funny book, and it will make you happy you took all those high school Spanish classes.. I wish I had time to write a review, but that’s what the NY Times Sunday Book Review is for. Check it out here.

Photo Credit: alexbarlow