Week 51 Roundup


Not much to say this week, only that I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Here’s what I’ve enjoyed this week:

Seth Godin just launched a new (free) ebook called What Matters Now. This 82-page book features over 70 people Seth selected riffing on different themes. You can download the book here.

How to Kick-Start Creativity and Get Out of a Writing Rut is a Write to Done guest post by Peter Hildebrand. The thesis here is that having constraints and rules makes writing easier. Sound familiar? (See Why the Rules of Art Matter)

For you language learners out there, I just came across an entertaining blog called Fluent in Three Months. Here’s a good starter post: How to speak a Language Pretty Well, Starting from Scratch, In Two Months However, for people learning East Asian languages, you’ll probably need a lot more than three months.

The award-winning novel The Life of Pi tells the story of an Indian boy who, after a shipwreck, finds himself floating in the middle of the Pacific in a life boat with an orangutan, a hyena, and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

Photo Credit: petritent